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Polar Vantage V Pro Multisport Watch. Train smarter and discover the winner within yourself with Polar Vantage V, a premium multisport watch designed for pro athletes and for anyone who trains like a pro..Polar Vantage V Running Power. Polar Vantage V is the first multisport watch to measure running power from the wrist..The new Polar Vantage V and Vantage M include a slew of new features, from new training load metrics to recovery metrics. Plus the Vantage V gets running power too..The Polar Vantage M includes some of the same features as the Vantage V, including the Polar Precision Prime heart rate technology. The battery is advertised to last up to hours on the Vantage M. The battery is advertised to last up to hours on the Vantage M..A number of different sources point to a soonish launch of two new Polar Smartwatches the Vantage V Pro Multisport watch and Vantage M GPS watch. These will be updates to the V and M, respectively. Essential reading Top fitness trackers and health gadgets. Polar Vantage M. We even have the first images of the devices..Polar Vantage M could be an interesting alternative no matter which shape the display has. The xt is already more than years old so I am hesitating and will probably wait until October to make a final purchase decision..Polar still regards its H chest strap as the best heart rate solution for serious athletes and is still required to carry out a number of the training centric tests available on the Vantage V .Polar announced the new Vantage series of wearables today, which includes the $ Vantage V and $ Vantage M fitness watches. Borrowing many design aspects from Garmin, the Vantage devices look and feel way more wearable than any previous Polar devices, but they don’t sacrifice fitness chops in .Polar Vantage M Vantage V, V M Specifications Comparison My content today will be based on the standard launch materials that Polar have released to the media, my experiences with the Vantage s so far including accuracy and some chats with the lovely people at Polar..A Polar Vantage Review will not follow until late October and that will be with a proper production model not this beta unit. Availability Discounts. Initial availability through Amazon is likely to be delayed in the USA and Europe. Initial discounting in the Eu is not happening..

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